Ultimate Audio is a Jersey based Hi-Fi specialist with an emphasis on British manufacturers. The showroom is tucked away in St Brelade providing historical interest being located within a WWII German telephone exchange bunker, please see ‘showroom’ page for more detail relating to this.

We provide sales and installation of High Fidelity audio systems in the home, including multi-channel audio (Home Cinema). It is our firm belief that it is only through demonstration that an informed purchase can be made and that although the internet has its place many a time mistakes are made reading a magazine review and ordering online only to find the product does not meet expectations. In addition if something goes wrong with the equipment without local support it can be a very painful and expensive experience. We would always encourage you to listen to any piece of equipment prior to purchase with a recognised dealer to avoid disappointment.

Each manufacturer recommended and installed is regarded as a leader in their field with brands such as Naim Audio, ProAc Loudspeakers, Audiolab and Monitor Audio to name a few. Like all dealers we are no different and over a period of years we gain an understanding of those manufacturers which not only build great sounding equipment but also provide a backup service in terms of serviceability, availability of parts, and operate in an ethical manner treating all end users as valued clients.

Being a small local dealer it is not possible to stock every product like some of the larger dealers in the UK however we do have a working relationship with some of best outfits. If we don’t stock what you are looking for please ask as we a sure we would be able to help.

We are passionate about audio so if you want to pop in for a coffee and discuss your next purchase or just get an idea of what is ‘out there’ just drop in.