Our core brands for amplification are Naim Audio and Audiolab. Both are British with manufacturing for Naim Audio still taking place in their Salisbury factory. We also keep alternative amplification such as valves or more niche market brands as an alternative. Amplification like all audio products is purely a matter of taste. Some may enjoy the full visceral impact of a powerful two or three box amplifier with a ‘live band’ in the lounge experience, a more relaxing late night listening experience or somewhere in between.

Although relevant to most components some of the factors to be taken into consideration when buying any equipment are listening habits:

  • Do you listen at loud levels and party regularly?
  • Do you wish to have a minimum of fuss with your system with everything in one box tucked out of the way?
  • Type of music listened to such as female/male vocals, Jazz, Rock, Classical, popular, Opera or Country & Western even?
  • Are aesthetics important?
  • Is High Fidelity the primary consideration?

These are just some of the factors to be considered when putting together your system.