Hard DisksHard Disks & Streaming

I have to admit I fought this one kicking and screaming and it took me a while to ‘get it’. The idea of storing CD’s in a black box and retrieving them from the comfort of the sofa on a hand held device seemed to be a step too far in the pursuit of audio excellence.

When Naim Audio embraced the streaming culture along with other high end manufacturers the concept became Hi Fi rather than ‘Muzak’, an entirely different proposition. As soon as the NaimUinti was launched I was sold on the subject.

There are two components involved in this process, the Hard Disk storage device where all the data is stored and the Streaming unit which, retrieves the data and plays it through your system.

Please click here for a brief explanation of streaming.

Streaming preamplifiers, all in one streaming units and streamers are kept on permanent demonstration.

There are many non hi fi brands springing out of the woodwork marketing product for the consumer from primarily computing or high tech backgrounds that do not have any hi fi pedigree. I do not support these as only with a thorough understanding of the audiophile client can these units be built to perform within a system.